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Women Bold for Change

We do not celebrate only women today we do celebrate them every day because SHE is BOLD FOR CHANGE , SHE inspires changes, SHE leads grassroots movement for change, SHE is permanently the one facing daily challenges and overcomes them, SHE is an everyday HERO. SHE is the one that takes frontline actions for conservation and protection, SHE is the one that sets the path to take charge of her today`s life and her future and mainly the future of the next generation, SHE is kind and passionate and always thrives for the best, SHE stands for what is worthwhile and just and never gives up - and SHE is SHE - a woman.

These are words we put in writing to celebrate a lot of amazing and inspiring women we met in our personal lives and along our change journey for environment protection and conservation. We have great life and change experiences supported by amazing partners which majority is made up by great and BOLD women leaders.

Each one of us - with women, men and non-binary people joining forces - can be a leader within our own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity. Through purposeful collaboration, we can help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.

CF team

Pictures of our journey with bold women.

Our executive director discussing with local woman leader from Andavakoera.

Single Mothers` Club. They are the ones that participate actively in the reforestation program initiated by our partner Madagascar Biodiversity Program.

Local women's associations in the northern part of Madagascar active in environmental protection.

Women's association in the region of Vatovavy Fitovinany working alongside with us.

Our amazing local partners.

One our local partners leading capacity building presentations on lemurs and conservation.

Aimee, Director of primary school Ambohitsara, and president of KENDRI a teachers` association, awarded the Disney Conservation Hero.

Lalaina, one of our Conservation team, awarded a Disney Hero Conservation award 2016.

Happy International Women`s Day and remember #BeBoldForChange

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