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Our Footprint on Our Planet

We believe that empowering children and allowing them to participate in the restoration of our ecosystems will inspire, educate and demonstrate how important it is to appreciate and preserve our natural resources for the future. Reforestation programs with our local partners are a key component in Conservation Fusion’s projects at three rural areas across Madagascar.

Through our collaboration with the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership, we are able to engage various schools and the community in the reforestation program. Annually, we are planting thousands of trees in order to restore, preserve and protect our environment. Tree planting is just one way to ensure we are restoring the loss of forest. Additionally, reforestation adds value to our responsibility to provide a greener and healthier environment.

Through various efforts in educating and promoting local ownership, we are proud of our work as local people are now becoming aware of the importance of even one tree they are planting. Community awareness raising is not something that can happen just in one second, it takes time to educate but the results are palpable. Local communities like schools, women`s associations, teachers, village leaders... especially those who are living near the forests acquired meaningful learning on how their today`s actions determine their future.

Lemurs play a vital role in our forest ecosystem by dispersing trees seeds and are known as seed dispersers. They are helping us restore the forest and are a component of our environmental education curriculum to ensure that communities understand the interdependence of the forest, lemurs and we human beings. For example, if we kill lemurs, we are losing key players in the forest cycle and therefore we cannot fully enjoy what the forest gives us : water, food, fruits, clean air, medicine, and protection from floods.

One child is able to plant more than 10 trees during our tree planting events. They do it with smiles, songs and joys. They're leaving their footprint and legacy of a beautiful and healthy planet. If each of us around the world ~ that’s 7 billion people ~ is willing to take action to plant one tree, what change will it have on our planet?

As we are now approaching the celebration of the World Environment Day on the 5th June which is a worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention but also provides an opportunity for us citizens of the world to take action. This is just one day to mark the celebration, but each day should be environment day, as each day nature provides us a lot and in return we should be willing to give the little we can do. Find ways to contribute in bringing your own footprint to our planet by volunteering, by supporting conservation efforts and works, by planting trees, by recycling, by using eco-friendly products, by reducing energy use - start now - and be the change.

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