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Cold Weather Critters: Color for Conservation

It's January and the winter chill is clinging desperately to the city of Omaha, despite our best efforts to shake the snow and bitter winds. On campus at the University of Nebraska at Omaha this past week, students and faculty were invited to the Barbara Weiss Community Engagement Center to warm up and learn about some endangered animals that live in and love the cold!

From February 9th through the 13th, our Cold Weather Critters: Coloring for Conservation display generated awareness in the campus community about some of our favorite cold weather animals like the Red Panda, Snow Leopard, and Amur Tiger while highlighting Conservation Fusion's partner organizations: Red Panda Network, Snow Leopard Trust, and Wildlife Conservation Society's Russia Tiger Project with the help of Des Moines' Blank Park Zoo. Those who stopped by were encouraged to learn more about all participating organizations and to vote for their favorite coloring contest submissions from area elementary classes. Students, faculty, and community members showed their love for conservation and these cold weather critters... Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Watch the video above to see our Cold Weather Critters display!

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