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Eco Adventures connect kids and adults to nature, and provides immersive experiences in the natural world. Each visit is followed up with art evaluations and reflections to create a life-long appreciation for local biodiversity. Participants receive hand-painted t-shirts, bags, notebooks and pens to document their experiences. During the Eco Adventure, teachers and students utilize the scientific method and observe different eco-systems and habitat to compare and contrast forest types and explore how species survive and adapt to diverse conditions.


Following the adventure, we eat lunch together at a popular tourists destination - the Karibotel. For all, this was their first time to eat at a lavish restaurant. After lunch, we created an art project to reflect on what we have learned about biodiversity, eco- tourism and the importance of protecting local lemurs and the forest.

How ECO Adventure Participants Rate Their Experiences


Increased in

Understanding of



Rated Experiencing

Lemurs in the Wild

as Highlight of Visit


Reported Inspired to

Protect Biodiversity

ECO Adventures | Project Portfolio

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